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Which BB3 Housemate are you?
(UK version)

1. The reason i wanted to be on Big Brother is....

To launch my modeling career *pouts at camera*.
To prove i'm still young and hip.
What? *giggle*
To find a boy/girlfriend :)
Who knows man, whatever!
To launch my presenting career.
I'm terribly sorry but i really don't know m'lord.

2. Would you get naked on TV?

No bloomin way, i don't have the confidence.
No, i wouldn't want to embarrass myself or my family.
Will it make the public like me?
Sure man, i'm well up for it me!

3. Would you have sex on TV?

No bloody way with a cherry on top!

4. You idiot, thanks to you the group just lost a task, what do you do?

*Giggle* nobody will care, its cute that im stupid.
Flirt my way out of it of course *bats eyelashes*
Say "Sorry man" a thousand and one times.
Try blame somebody else.
Who gives a f**k?
Pee in the shower.
Say you don't care cos your a sex god and the birds will still want your body, baby!

5. You've been nominated by the housemates for eviction, how do you react?

Try to get off with somebody in the hope the public will keep you im.
Who gives a f**k man? Just carry on as normal.
Go over the top trying to be funny and organising games
Secretly hope and prey you do get voted out!
Be nice and suck up to everybody!

6. Ooops you got evicted, Davina asks you what you think of the other housemates, what do you say?

They are all bloody idiots, i hate them.
They aren't the kind of people you'd usually hang out with and you don't really care about them.
Yeah, i got on ok with most of them, ya know?
Oh My God, i love them all soooooooooooo much!

7. Randomness: Pick one

Virginal Bi-sexual
Dancing queen
Pig ugly
och aye!
Old fogey
Laid back
light weight!

8. On leaving the house what was your 'theme song'....

'She's got issues' By the Offspring
"Basket case" by Greenday
"Vindaloo" by Fat Les
"Stupid Girl" by Garbage
"Firestarter" by the prodigy
"Dominated love slave" by GreenDay
"Numbskull" by Ash
"One week" by the Bare Naked Ladies
"Charmless man" by blur
"Daddy cool"
"The man don't give a f**k" by the Super Furry Animals
"When the going gets tough" by Billy Ocean
"Fortune teller" by Ash
"Loser" by Beck

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