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Which BB6 Housemate are you?
(Brought to you by the mind of Starlet)

Question one - If you were trying to get onto BB7 would you totally be yourself throughout the auditions or would you exaggerate your character to better your chances?

I'd be totally myself, dull bits and flaws included.
I'd try to hide certain aspects of myself.
I'd totally exaggerate my existing character traits.
I'd do and say anything I think 'they' would want me to in order to get on the show!

Question Two - Pick your team.

Team Saskia aka Club Loaded/Team Smug
Team Makosi aka The Divas/Team Bitch
I'm a floater.
I hate both.

Question Three - Which is the worst personality trait out of the following?

All of the above. (aka Makosi)

Question Four - Out of the following, which is the most important requirement for your BB6 winner?

Being genuine.
Being totally 'themself'
Being entertaining - but still nice.
Being entertaining - at any cost.
A good game player.

Question Five - Pick a song.

Charmless man - Blur
Boys don't cry - The Cure
Wannabe - Spice Girls
Holiday - Greenday
Like a virgin - Madonna
Dude looks like a lady - Aerosmith
More life in a tramps vest - Stereophonics
Kinky Afro - Happy Monday's
Gay bar - Electric 6
U Don't Know Me - Basement Jaxx Ft Lisa Kekaula
Just a ride - Jem
Crazy Chick - Charlotte Church
I put a spell on you - Nina Simmone
Some girls are bigger than others - The Smiths
Fit but you know it - The Streets
Shaddap your face - Joe Dolce

Question Six - Would you have sex in the Big Brother house? hmmm.

Yes, but only to further my career outside of the house. (Lad's mags and Magazine deals etc)
Yes, but only to spite a women i am jealous of.
Yes, if it would further my game/stay in the house.
Yes, i'm just so young and horny.
No, imagine the shame on my family!!
Perhaps, if i really fell for someone in the house.
No, i wouldn't dare!

Question Seven - In what way would you spend a lot of your time in the house?

Talking to like-minded people about things that interest you.
Bitching, bitching...and then bitching some more.
Ranting, mainly to yourself or the cameras since no one else will listen.
In the Diary Room chatting with Big Brother.

Question Eight - Finally, if you were in the house what sort of reception would you get on eviction?

*Chant* We hate you, we hate you.
*Chant* We love you, we love you.

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