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Which BB4 Housemate are you?
(UK version)

1. Did you go on Big brother to win?

Yes, and i'm not afraid to admit it!
Yes, but i'll maintain i went in 'for the experience' until the day i die!
No, it would have been nice but i really did just go in for fun!

2. Week one in the Big brother house and you act...

Like an over-excited school girl...on acid.
A bit shy, quiet and reserved.
Same way that i always act.

3. Well duh, you messed up the group task and now have only 5 for the whole week, what do you do?

Do they know what i did? If not i just wont tell them, ha!
Own up and take any crap that's thrown at me because of it!
Couldn't give a shit really but i'll just say sorry for effect.
Repent, repent, repent
Cry, make people feel sorry for you!

4. Your significant other....

Does not exist.
I don't have honest i don't *cough*
Is lovely and gorgeous and we are very happy together thanks :)
Is probably going to dump me after my antics in the house!

5. Your beauty regime in the house consists of...

Just keeping my facial hair nice and tidy!
I'll put my face on and brush my hair when i know im definitely going to be shown on TV.
Blusher blusher blusher.

6. Given the chance to go to South Africa would you have done?

Wow yeah, i'd have loved it!
I'd have been a little scared but would have gone yeah!
Ooooh no, scary much?

7. My 'speciality' in the house would have been...

Fun fun fun
Being a non-entity
Loving myself
Make-up and beauty tips

8. Would you get naked on TV?

Sure, why not?
OOOh, errrrr, maybe? If i was drunk!
Wouldn't DARE
No, i have more respect for myself than that!

9. Will you cry in the house?

At the drop of a hat!
Only if something really extreme was happening!
Nah, i never cry!
Its only a game show...nothing about it could move me to tears!

10. *This is Big Brother, could someone please come to the diary room.*

*Runs as fast possible*
*Goes since no one else wants to*
*Doesn't budge*

11. On leaving the house what would be your 'Theme song'

Fine time - Cast
Ever fallen in love - The Buzzcocks
I swear - Boys II men
Seven days in the sun - Feeder
Stop crying your heart out - Oasis
Again i go unnoticed - Dashboard confessional
Shinny happy people - REM
Big me - Foo fighters
The scientist - Coldplay
Lifestyle of the rich and the famous - Good Charlotte
Loser - Beck
Praise you - Fat boy slim
My own worst enemy - Lit

12. Finally, how far do you think you will get in the show?

I'll be out pretty fast, first few weeks.
Hmmm...week 4 or 5 ish?
Pretty near to the end!
Final week, woo.

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