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I only know of Fort Lauderdale Beach because it feels like I am forever seeing other blog posts and the like about people wanting to retire there or estate agents trying to sell luxury accomodation. I have looked into it and I can see why so many want to live there – it seems like a really beautiful place with plenty to do whatever your age and hobbies may be.

I have always thought that if you are going to spend such a large amount of money on property that you plan to retire and live out the rest of your days in you should really take your time and deal with someone who really cares and knows the area in which you want to live. South Florida Native Susan Rindley would be a good example of this, she is passionate about what she does and will make sure that your hard earned money goes into making your dreams come true. Having lived there for so long she knows all the insider tips and tricks and it just makes sense to me to use that knowledge to your benefit.

If you are interested in learning more, then please visit for a whole lot more information on the subject.

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Thankfully since getting Zack almost 18 months ago now we have not had to deal with any real nasties – such as serious illness or injury or even fleas or worms, two things that are quite common. I have always made sure to keep up to date with all of his injections and flea and worm prevention treatments.

We use Frontline for dogs because it’s a well known brand and is really easy to apply to Zack who just loves to wriggle around and try and play all the time – it’s hard to get him to stay still for even a few seconds to try and do anything with him.

We definitely don’t want him to get fleas – obviously I have always known fleas are bad but it wasn’t until a friends pets had fleas last summer that we really realised just how much of a pain they are and how hard they are to get rid of once there’s an infestation, they get everywhere and can take months and months and plenty of money to finally get rid of for good. It would surely work out cheaper to prevent them in the first place rather than try to get rid of them after the event.

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How many of you have ever tried, and struggled, to take out a loan? There are many reasons people choose to take out a loan – to pay off debts, to start a business, to help towards buying a house – but more and more people are relying on them these days with the economey the way it is and the fact many are now struggling to make ends meat.

Of course if you have taken out lots of loans or gotten yourself in a pickle money wise over the years then you will find it harder and harder as time goes on to find reputable companies to give you a loan and not rip you off with the interest as you are paying it back.

Rapid Auto Loans is an interesting concept that might help some of my readers out because as long as you own a car you can get a loan from them. You can refinance your car when you need to in a very painless and quick manner and your credit history doesn’t matter at all.

Thankfully I have been lucky enough to never need to take out a loan but plenty of my friends and family have done over the years so it’s good to see solutions like this out there.

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Convenience is a big selling point when it comes to online inventory management. You can check the status of any part of your warehouse or inventory from anywhere, including your home. While this does require an Internet connection, those are readily available at most public places or even on your phone. Go to your local library if you’re desperate.

One of the biggest reasons why people don’t like buying new inventory management solutions for their business or warehouse is that they have to buy a lot of extra equipment in order to run the software. This is not the case with online inventory management software and can used with any home PC or any comfortable electronic device that you use.

When you’re thinking about expanding the business to overseas trade, or simply want to improve the translation process that you currently use, online inventory management companies often offer multiple languages with their software at no extra charge. It’s not smart to alienate more than half of the world because they can’t read what you’re trying to tell them.

Lots of customers today like to know that the product they want to buy is either in a store or in a warehouse near them. Online inventory management gives them that access which convenience because it normally runs on the popular operating systems on computers so they don’t have to get used to something too new.

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Have any of my American friends heard of or been using DealDash recently?

DealDash is a fun new way to shop that is taking America by storm with over 1 million users already

You can check out this great DealDash Review on Youtube or follow the DealDash Facebook page if you’d like more information on how it all works and how it can benefit you if you shop online, and lets face it who doesn’t these days?. If you’d like some interesting facts about take a look at the DealDash Wikipedia page as well.

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Good day treacles, it’s been a while.

A qucik life update for you. I am still living in Alfreton with Gav. Zack the westie pup is now over a year old. I recently joined the gym and am starting driving lessons soon which is scary.

Gav got his hands on all of the ‘Now’ albums recently and he’s been working his way through them in the car.

I do love a lot of oldies music but there is also a lot of rubbish to wade through to get to the classics (like Kylie, gotta love some 80s Kylie!) and as the Now series of albums started in the 80s (can you believe that?) there are a lot of random one hit wonder type songs that I’ve never heard of and frankly never want to hear of again. The frustrating thing is that he refuses to skip any songs, no matter how terrible they are. I am much looking forward to getting to the mid 90s albums though because that is when I really got into music myself and started buying the Now albums each year – there’s going to be a lot of happy memories listening to those ones :)

You can grab lots of great old classics from a great website I came across some time ago now called iOldies music stores, they have tracks from the 80s, 70s, 60s and even stuff way back from the 50s which I have to admit is before my time – everyone loves a bit of 60s Beatles but other than Elivs I don’t really know much music from the 50s, perhaps I should take this as an opportunity to change that. Any suggestions?

They also have movies so if you like the oldies it’s a great website to peruse for a trip down memory lane.

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I use daily deal sites all the time, ones like Groupon where you can get experiences and meals out and the like at a fraction of the price – if you are friends with me on Facebook you’ll already know this no doubt as I am forever sharing the ones I want to do.

They are great because I love a bargain but also because they make me do things I wouldn’t usually consider.

One thing I see coming up a lot at the moment are cake, buns and chocolate making ‘workshop’ type ones where you spend a few hours learning how to make and decorate your baked goods and usually get a few to take home. I love looking at cakes online and have many cake art (good and bad!) sites bookmarked but I hadn’t really considered trying it for myself before.

Everyone loves a good cake don’t they? We as Brits have them for every available occasion and opportunity – birthdays, weddings, graduations and every thing in between. With so many amazing cake artists out there as well you can really get any sort of cake you like – any flavour, any style, any size, any colour and to suit any budget from cheap and cheerful to an arm and a leg :)

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I do have to admit that I enjoy spending some of my free time online playing casino games or slots, I never used to but in the last few years it has become a nice way for me to pass my time and I actually find it very relaxing. I am not a big gambler, I tend to just play with tiny amounts of money so I have never had a ‘big’ win as such, but still get the same thrill when I win £1 as a lot of more seasoned gamblers probably get when they win £100!

One site that I like to use is spelautomater på nätet, it is Swedish but as an English speaker I was still able to navigate and use the site. And I just love how it and other Swedish words sound – I have learned a lot of new words from the site and specifically the chat rooms there, it’s a lot of fun and it’s educational.

I’m not saying I now speak fluent Swedish or could even hold my own in a basic conversation, but I would be able to recognise certain words and get my point across if I needed to.

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Oh hurray the sun has finally hit the UK. It’s actually been warmer here today than in Correlejo where I was on holiday a few weeks ago. Of course I spent most of the day inside as we went to see The Dark Knight Rises at the cinema…and that’s one pretty long film!

It’s times like this though that I wish we had a BBQ in the back garden – it’s 7pm and I’m hungry and it’s still sunny and warm outside.

I would love something really high tech and fancy like a weber spirit bbq but as anyone from the UK knows, we don’t get much of a summer any more so it’s really not a wise way to spend.

When we do have a BBQ we tend to just buy the disposable ones you can get for a few pounds and do it ‘camping’ style with plastic plates and cups and sat on the deck chairs.

BBQing is great fun isn’t it? It’s like it adds an extra bit of adventure to a usually mundane task, especially in the UK where you have to grab the sun when you can and it can change at any second, I am sure every one has suffered with a sudden rain shower half way through the chicken being cooked.

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I have to admit I am not the worlds biggest football fan, in general I am not a fan of watching any sport. However my family are football crazy and I have been brought up around it, so it’s hard not to follow it somewhat and I have probably seen as many matches as most people who love the sport have.

I go along to pubs with friends and family when there are matches on just to be sociable and spend some time with them.

I was in a local pub at the weekend when Man City took on QPR and I was so glad I was, the atmosphere during stoppage time when Man City started to make their comeback was so intense and infectious that I couldn’t help but be drawn into it. I was jumping and cheering and hollering with every one else, despite usually just sitting in a corner being quiet :)

I need to tell my football loving friends and family about a website I came across a few days ago at, as the name suggests it’s an online football game where you take control of the league and play God with teams and players of your choice.

I love interactive games and games where I control things, I have always been hooked on the various Sims games, so for someone that likes the sport football manager online must provide hours and hours of fun. It’s probably a good job I don’t personally plan to start playing as I have precious little free time already what with being obsessed with The Sims Social on Facebook and having a rascal of a puppy to look after.

The game itself is simple to use and nicely designed. They have a free transfer market, offer daily games and have an active community so you can chat with other footy mad mates online.

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